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Our Real Estate Website Design Process

Looking forward to designing a bespoke web portal for your real estate business? We can help you out! We help our real estate clients design spectacular web portals and applications by catering to their unique web design requirements. Avail our personalized real estate web design services and feel yourself at the top of the search engines!

We Create Your Brand Identity

As a business owner in the real estate industry, you must be looking forward to developing a reliable brand identity amongst the target audience. We help you create world-class brand identity and loyalty amongst the target users through the creation of customized website design based on your specific requirements. We aim at working in collaboration with your individual marketing goals to come up with the best-in-class website design in the real estate sector.

Right from the conceptualization of the design idea to its implementation, we are your professional guide throughout. Our team of highly qualified and well-experienced website designers is well-versed in designing top-class real estate websites that work for your marketing goals.


Devising Design Questionnaire:

For signing an onboard contract with your business towards designing your real estate website, we commence with devising a proper design questionnaire. The particular questionnaire that we come up with helps us obtain a better understanding of your unique design requirements for the website.

Our design is also able to capture the necessary design elements that you would prefer including on the website. This sets up the overall scenario for achieving your business goals in the long run. As we gather ample information about your business requirements, we are able to envision your company goals comprehensively during the early stages of website designing & development.

Organizing Design Meeting: 

During the “Design Meeting” stage of our real estate website design process, the direction and design layout preferences will be established firmly. With the assistance of our Project Manager and Art Director, we will help your business understand the entire designing process in detail. This will aid you in going through the different phases of the overall website designing and venture into new ideas & concepts during each stage of the development. 



Gathering Essential Resources: 

Next, our professional design team will gather the necessary resources under your guidance that would be ultimately central for fulfilling the design requirements of your business. Our design team will aim at collecting all the necessary prerequisites of designing your real estate site including the company logo, brand design, slideshow photographs, bio, marketing photographs, and so more towards coming up with the best design possible. 

Starting with the Initial Design

Once all the necessary resources have been collected, our team of qualified designers will aim at translating your design vision into reality. You can review the initial design composition of the site within 5 to 7 days. The initial design of the site will just be presented as a mockup and not the original website. You can suggest useful recommendations and modifications as required to the design team. We will ensure everything happens as per your unique preferences and needs. 



Making the Desired Revisions: 

Once you have gone through the mockup or initial design prototype of the website, you can suggest the required revisions to our design team. Our expert team of designers is allowed to take up 3 major revisions along with 3 minor revisions on the site’s homepage. The revisions that are suggested might take up around 2 to 3 days to get completed. As our designers go on presenting the necessary changes, it is imperative for you to offer your feedback the moment itself to avoid any wastage of time and efforts. 

Approval of the Website Design: 

Once you are satisfied with the initial design and the desired revisions, we will be requesting your final approval over the same. Once we have received your final approval, we will sign off from the homepage design of your real estate site. 



Implementing Design Conversion: 

Once we have received the design approval in writing, we will coordinate with the respective team of expert developers to convert the custom web design into an HTML page. The inner page structure of your site will also be matched with the homepage of your site simultaneously. 

Populating the Site: 

During this phase, we will ask our professional design team to fill up all the vacant spaces in your site by entering the company information, contact details, listings, and so more. The content present in your real estate site that are undergoing revisions will also be put up on the site as per the desired view. 



Launching the Site: 

When all the different components of your site are complete and functional, we will require final written approval from your end specifying the permission to launch your site for public viewing. Once you are ready for the same, we will make the desired domain settings and make your attractive real estate site go live!

We aim at delivering top-notch real estate website design services that work the best for you! Get customized real estate website design services from us seamlessly. For more details, reach out to us now!

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